The Whole World Mourns As the News of “Legendary Actor Rishi Kapoor Dead” Tops the Headlines! Read the Whole Story Here!


    The treasury of the KAPOORs, one of the biggest family of Bollywood, has lost a precious gem today. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor passed away a few hours ago after being hospitalized in Mumbai. The whole world is now stuck in deafening silence as this appalling news in such adverse times couldn’t get any worse. The actor who had been entertaining us for decades was confirmed to be hospitalized in Mumbai yesterday and took his final breaths at the same place at the age of 67 around 8 in the morning.


    While the people were not over with the misery caused by the death of actor Irrfan Khan on April 29, 2020, Rishi Sir’s death has proved 2020 as one of the most difficult and unfortunate years for the film industry.

    His friend and colleague, the great Amitabh Bachchan expressed his heart-wrenching grief with a tweet this morning which was later deleted by him for some unknown reason.

    Rishi Kapoor, who had just won the battle with Leukemia, sadly came to a relapse stage. He was admitted to a hospital twice in February. Then he was shifted to a hospital in Mumbai in April after being treated in Delhi, as confirmed by his brother Randhir Kapoor. He spent the last year in New York for the treatment of his disease, to which he did show some positive response.

    His family addressed the people and reported the untimely demise of our dear Rishi Kapoor. They were also grateful for the love, and concern fans had shown for all this time. The family asked everyone to follow the government’s rules citing the current situation of the world nonetheless.

    Akshay Kumar also took on his twitter to share his views about this tragedy.

    Since his first film Bobby in 1973, the actor had played diverse roles in his lifetime. Be it the jovial Akbar in 1977’s Amar Akbar Anthony or the vile Rauf Lala in 2012’s Agneepath; there was not a single time when he hadn’t given us chills. He was also shooting for an upcoming film Sharmaji Namkeen but left in the middle due to his health issues. Son of the great Raj Kapoor and grandson of the legendary Prithviraj Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, was walking straight on the legacy his forefathers had created.

    The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, also paid his condolences through his tweet.

    With Irrfan Khan passing away yesterday at the age of 54 and now Rishi Kapoor Ji today, people have seen that life takes the best away from us. Even in his last minutes, he was entertaining and laughing around with the hospital staff and left away smiling, leaving us with a thousand palpable memories and one unrepairable heartbreak. The world will never have someone like him ever again.

    We deeply mourn his death and wish that may his soul rests in peace.

    Rishi Raj Kapoor (September 4, 1952- April 30, 2020)  




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