Disney’s The Little Mermaid remake – Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and more updates!


    There are many labels of movies whose every creation becomes a masterpiece. One such label or franchise is Disney which is best known for its romantic fantasy movies and its sequels. Recently one movie of Disney is getting some lights of its sequel and that is, Little Mermaid.

    Little Mermaid is an American fantasy movie with the flavor of romance in it. The first-ever movie that we got about Little Mermaid was in 1989 and then later on many animated series or drama series adapted the stories. But recently some rumors are surrounding Disney about the proper sequel of Little Mermaid in a movie. So is this right? Let’s figure it out.

    The sequel of Little Mermaid

    We are getting a sequel of Little Mermaid 1989 which will be directed by Rob Marshall. It will be a musical romantic fantasy that is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is based on Little Mermaid’s (1989) animated film which was itself an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson‘s fairy tale (1837).

    The release date of Little Mermaid

    The first-ever Little Mermaid released in the year 1989. When it comes to the sequel by Disney then there is no confirmed date. Disney has not yet announced the release date of this sequel.

    The Little Mermaid 1989

    The cast of Little Mermaid

    Unaware with the release date of Disney’s sequel of Little Mermaid, we are totally familiar with the cats. They are- Halle Bailey as Princess Ariel, Melissa McCarthy as Ursala, Awkwafina as Scuttie (a seagull), Jacob Tremblay as Flounder (friend of Ariel), Kieth Powers as Prince, Megan Fox as Venessa, Idris Elba as King Triton, Ziggy Marley as Sebastian, Lauryn  Alisa McClain as Arista and many more.

    The plot of The Little Mermaid

    The plot is yet to be cleared but according to the 1989 animated movie, we have some idea of the plot. Ariel who is Halle Bailey is a 16-year-old Mermaid- half-human, and half-fish. She fell in love with a Prince which is played by Keith Powers. Ariel’s father who is King Triton (Idris Elba). Ursula played by Melissa McCarthy is the antagonist or the villain in the film who is half-woman and half-octopus.

    As this film is the sequel of already a hit film then there must be some pressure over the head of makers because fans want to see more in the sequel.


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