Is World War Z 2 cancelled?? What does the makers have to say about it??Know all the facts about the movie here!!

World War Z is a movie based upon The survival Guide. However, the movie is a tad bit more weighty than the novel. The director of the movie is Marc Forster. Moreover, the movie is very very successful because it has made $540 million.

The first movie came in the year 2013.

Is the movie World War Z  coming or canceled?

At first, the movie was to come in 2017. However, due to some unforeseen situations, it did not happen. Later, the production decided to start the shooting in 2018. But because Brad Pitt was busy with another film One Upon a Time in Hollywood. So, again the dates were shifted. The team had to keep changing the date of release.

As if this was not enough, again the date got postponed. Fincher was busy with his Mindhunter Season 2. Which meant that there is going to be more delay. The movie then was supposed to come in June 2019.

However, there is news that production is currently at a haul. Let us hope for good news.


World War Z 2 is incomplete without Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is coming back as the most loved character Gerry Lane. Brad Pitt is also the producer of the movie. Mireille Enos is coming back as Karin Lane. Speke Ludi is going to be Warmbrumm.

Moritz Bleibtreu is coming as a WHO doctor

However, any news of the rest of the cast is not sure yet. We may soon get to know about who all are there in it.


As we all know, Chine is a huge market. But it seems like this movie cannot release in China. Chine usually does not let any movie release in the country which includes turmoil in society. And this movie has all of it.





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