Apple’s iPhone 12 Latest Leaks, Rumors: New Leaks Confirms Less Price Than iPhone 11, 5G Connectivity, New Designs and Many More


    The iPhone 12 is coming, and it would possibly arrive with the biggest upgrades in years. The phone will certainly arrive by the end of this year, and considering that the iPhone 11 series didn’t bring an appealing upgrade on the devices, this year might be the perfect one to make amends.

    There’s much to expect in the upcoming Apple’s flagship smartphone, and the launch date is still a long way, the Internet has been flooded with various leaks and rumors. Apple Inc. recently launched its budget phone—iPhone SE— this year but hasn’t talked anything about the much-awaited iPhone 12.

    iPhone 12 Latest Leaks, Rumors, and Updates

    The recent leaks surrounding the iPhone 12 mentioned the possible pricing for the phone. If the latest leaks are anyhow true, then the people wouldn’t be able to call the Apple phones overpriced— Samsung’s flagship phones will take that spot. The recent leak mentioned that the pricing for upcoming Apple devices would be hundreds less than Samsung Galaxy S20.

    Samsung has been struggling in the Samsung Galaxy S20 market due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and if they are planning to bounce back once the situation normalizes, Cupertino will release the new iPhones at a comparatively lesser price—even the iPhone 12 Pro Max would be less than Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

    Well-known Apple analyst Jon Prosser affirmed that the starting price range for entry-level iPhone 12 would be around $649—that’s less than entry-level iPhone 11.

    Leaked Designs and Specification

    The iPhone 12 would be the first Apple phone to support 5G connectivity via Qualcomm’s 5G modem. Apple’s iPhone 12 will also have a new type of camera with an OLED display. The recent leaks also confirmed that the iPhone 12 would get rid of its distinctive notch. The sides will be flat instead of curved, and the touch-ID sensor (in-display) will use ultrasonic technology.

    Apple will roll out four iPhone 12 phones, and out of them, the pro phones will have LiDAR sensor and different design for rear cameras. All four phones will feature a 120Hz screen refresh rate, which will change the mobile user experience.

    Release Date

    Various sources, including The Wall Street Journal, recently claimed that the mass production of Apple’s upcoming devices had been pushed back by a month. So, if this is true, then the new Apple device will arrive by October, and the premium models will arrive by December.


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