Are we getting a new Season for Diamond No Ace ? Find out the Release Date and the latest updates!!!!


    A budding baseball pitcher goes through atrocities of life to make his move for the Nationals. The series Diamond of Ace is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same name. It is written and illustrated by Yuji Terajima and published by Kodansha.

    The first season aired from October 6, 2013, to March 29, 2015. The second season premiered on April 6, 2015. And season three was made available to the audience from April 2, 2019, to March 31, 2019.

    Is "Diamond No Ace Season 4" Coming To Tell You The Further Story?? Get The Latest Of Updates On Renewal!!!

    Both the anime and manga received enormous reception from fans. It was the best selling Manga with 1,711,607 copies being sold. And to date, about nineteen volumes have been published in Japan. The anime also won the Kodansha Manga Award in 2010.

    Diamond No Ace 4 Release Date

    After gripping the attention of fans worldwide and giving us back to back three seasons with 52 episodes. The main question is when are we getting the fourth Season? Yes, we are getting the 4th Season as the series has been renewed for Ace of Diamond Act II.

    The release date has not been confirmed yet. But if we see they have maintained a pattern following two years gap. The last season aired in 2019, so we can expect the new season at the beginning of 2021.

    Diamond No Ace 4 Future Expectations 

    There is definitely no doubt when it comes to Eijun Sawamura’s pitching skills. He has a natural ability and approach when it comes to baseball. In season one we witnessed that because of his interim abilities. He is provided with a scholarship in one of the prestigious Seidou High.

    The first season follows a neck to neck competition between his team and rivals to make it to the nationals. And the second season continues as Sawamura, Miyuki along with others lead a new team for the fall tournament.

    The third season ends in anticipation when the Koshein tournament is kept in a cliffhanger. In season 4 we maybe see the raging match and competition to win the Trophy. Will the team win the trophy?  And will Eijun’s dream to play in the nationals be fulfilled? Stay tuned with us for more updates!



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