BBC Sherlock: Recap of Previous Seasons and What’s Next!? News on Season 5! Release Date, Plot and more!


    It was the year 2013. Sherlock Season 3 finally dropped, and people were raving about the series. I started watching the show after the third and final episode of the show came out. That’s the beauty, and well, the curse of Sherlock. There are three 1.5 hour-long episodes, and then you wait. I was lucky I didn’t have to wait two years to find out exactly HOW Sherlock managed to survive the fall, but I guess waiting to know how Moriarity faked his death was just as excruciating.

    Anywhoo, I loved the show. I didn’t understand the 4th season really well, but I loved the show. Of course, I wanted more of Sherlock, running around, solving crimes with his loyal companion, Watson. In fact, there was a new addition to the group- Watson’s little girl. And I have seen just too many fanarts to not want to see the three of them at the crime scene together, Sherlock wearing a baby carrier while Watson follows them.

    So, you might just imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find out that we might be getting a fifth season!

    Sherlock Plot

    The show began airing in 2010. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, the show got wonderful reviews. The show could have been just another Sherlock adaptation, but it went on to become one of the best.

    Season 1

    The first episode laid the base for the coming episodes. Sherlock the wonderful, although an arrogant little detective is introduced to the seemingly normal Dr. Watson and thus began the greatest friendship ever. I am sorry, I am just a huge fan.

    Anyway, the cliffhanger at the end of season 1, the plot twist, with Molly’s supposed boyfriend turning out to be Sherlock’s arch-nemesis, Moriarty.

    Season 2

    The second season started with the pool scene, with Sherlock and Moriarty pointing their guns at each other. (Yeah, I know, Moriarty was not HIMSELF pointing anything). Anyway, he leaves, Sherlock and John live, go to Buckingham Palace, steal the ashtray and meet The Woman.

    Irene does everything in her power to destroy the Holmes brothers, but ends up falling for Sherlock and thus, ‘losing the game.’ Full disclosure, the moment when Sherlock puts in the password, and it is revealed to be I Am SHERLOCKED, chills! Literal Chills! Anywhoo, Sherlock still saves her at the end, and well, that’s the last we saw of her.

    Hounds of Belgravia was another epic episode, but I am not going to go into that right now.

    The third and final episode of season 2- The Reichenback Fall. I cried. The way everything was turned on Sherlock, how he had to jump to save his friends, to save John. And then John’s reaction to this. I was shaking.

    Of course, we find out by the end of the episode that Sherlock was, in fact, alive. I can still imagine what people must have gone through, waiting for two years to finally get answers.

    Season 3

    Okay, so between the two seasons came a short holiday episode- a Christmas Special. Of course, we hoped to see more of Benedict, himself but it was mostly just Anderson ranting about how Sherlock is alive and solving cases all over the world. All I want to say is, I have never personally related to Anderson as much as I did in those 25 minutes.

    The third season started with Anderson’s theory of how Sherlock might have survived the fall. Might I say, Anderson has done a complete 180? From despising Sherlock with all his heart to thinking of him as this stud who roams around just kissing girls. I was very amused.

    Anyway, Sherlock went back to meet John. John lunged at him, and well, if my best friend had put me through such trauma, I would have done the same.
    They have a falling out. John gets engaged; they became friends again once Sherlock saves him from certain death.

    Then comes John and Mary’s wedding, my absolute favorite episode in the show. We finally see Sherlock drunk. It was amazing. He actually vomited in a stranger’s house, Watson said “He is clueing for looks,” Lestrade was pissed, and it was just epic!

    The last episode was full of twists.
    Sherlock got engaged for, like, 5 seconds. Mary turned out to be an imposter. Even Sherlock couldn’t see through her lies. She shoots him; he almost dies. John finds out, he hates her for a while but finally comes around.

    The final moments in the show made me soo anxious. Nobody knew what was going to happen now that Magnussen has turned out to be a bigger threat than ever. There are choppers from the British officials hunting them down because Sherlock tries to trade information on Mary with Mycroft’s laptop.
    And then, Sherlock shoots Magnussen in the head.

    That scene. I legit got goosebumps.

    And that’s wasn’t even the end. The final post-credit-roll scene showing Moriarty’s face on the billboards, saying, “Did you miss me?”
    Wow. I don’t think anybody saw that coming.

    The Abominable Bride

    The special episode was just a way to stall us to get more time for Season 4, in my opinion. I mean, it was supposed to tell us was how Moriarty faked his death. The man literally blew out his face. And in the end, all we got was the fact stated that Moriarty is actually dead and something else is at play. Total disappointment. Well, not total. We did get to see our favorite crime-fighting duo again.

    Season 4

    The most confusing Sherlock season has been the fourth one. The show started with Mary’s secret- the one that we only got a teaser of in the last season’s finale- finally being revealed. The episode ends in her death. Well, actually sacrifice, as she jumps in front of Sherlock to save him from the bullet.

    The second episode is mostly John grieving and coming to terms with it, and the third episode is the Holmes family’s deepest darkest secrets being revealed. How they have a sister, and she has been placed in isolation. It is revealed that the family dog, Red Beard that had been mentioned till now, was actually Sherlock’s best friend when he was a child. Eurus had murdered him because she was jealous and wanted to play with Sherlock, a memory he has repressed since then. She was the one who released Moriarty’s tape all over Britain and finally played a little game with them, one that might end in their deaths.

    The series ends in Sherlock being able to save both her and John. They play the Violin together, while John finds a message from Mary. Something she has recorded before her death. In it, she tells him to continue working with Sherlock and gives him a sort of closure that he desperately needed.

    Season 5

    Creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss had revealed that they had, together, worked on a script for season 5. However, going by how both Cumberbatch and Freeman have been super busy over the years, there just wasn’t time.
    Both the leads had also expressed interest in continuing the show, but, again, there were prior commitments.

    Sherlock Confirmation

    About three months back, a teaser was released. It seemed pretty real, and fans went crazy. It has since been theorized that the teaser is fake, and well, we can all go back to being sad again. Both Moffat and Gatiss have, however, encouraged conversation on this, which might mean that we might be getting the new season in the next couple of years.

    Official confirmation has not been given, but I think it is safe to assume that the fandom has risen from the dead. I mean, where we were told that we wouldn’t be getting any more episodes, we might actually get a new season. So, let’s keep hope alive in our hearts and wait a little longer, huh?
    Also, even though the teaser isn’t real, if you still want to watch it, here’s the link:

    Sherlock Release Date and Other Details

    Since the show hasn’t even been confirmed yet, it is safe to say that we won’t be seeing any news episodes before 2022, at least. The actors have a lot on their plate, with Cumberbatch himself having 4-5 movies in his schedule.

    Something we can guess about the show is there is going to be more drama, more murders, and more excitement. Our favorite crime-fighting duo will be back on screen, hopefully, sooner rather than later, and I, for one, am hella excited! Anyway, stay tuned for more latest updates!


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