Divergent author Veronica Roth’s Chosen Ones: Movie Adaptation Gets Confirmed! Latest Updates!


    The American novelist – “Veronica Anne Roth” is a famous short story writer and is popularly known for her best selling novel “Divergent trilogy.” She has named many renowned accolades to herself for her distinct work. Some of her popular works include The End and other Beginnings, We can be mended: A divergent story, The Fates Divide, Wasteland: The new apocalypse, and many such well-known novels.

    Chosen Ones got published on April 7, 2020, becoming the first-ever adult novel by Veronica Roth. It has been applauded by most and has managed to get good reviews. All the works by Roth have been much appreciated so far, and this was expected to be the same. This fantasy fiction comprises of 419 pages and covers some paranormal fiction part as well.

    Chosen Ones Plot

    The storyline of the novel takes a time leap of ten years after the five teenagers – Sloane Andrews, Matt (Sloane’s boyfriend), Albie, Ines, and Esther or popularly called the Famous Five, win against “The Dark Ones.” They become very popular.

    Now we witness all of them be grown-ups. Almost everyone has forgotten the past and moved on in their lives, but Sloane doesn’t tend to forget those days of fear and suffering. And to the shock of everyone, we see that Dark ones never departed and has returned to avenge and conquer over the reign.

    The novel keeps you hooked onto every single detail and thrills you about what holds ahead in the adult life of the teens seen before. The novel is easily available to get your hands on it.

    Chosen Ones Movie

    The chosen ones are all set to be converted into a movie soon. The news is no wonder for the author of the Divergent as all of her works have been highly appreciated. Eric Fieg’s company Picture start has gotten the rights of the movie. Pouvya Shahbazian is said to be producing the movie. Knowing the fanbase of Roth’s work and the great team of the movie, we are certain that the movie will land to be a hit.

    We highly await to get more insights into the movie. So, stay tuned for further updates!


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