Killing Eve Season 3: What has Happened till now? Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!


    If you’re stuck at home with nothing left to watch on Netflix, my suggestion is to watch Killing Eve. The show first premiered in 2018 and does not indicate slowing down anytime soon. With its third season starting to air just this month, you’ll be just in time to watch what happens after the season 2 cliffhanger.

    The new season is bound to bring with itself more drama, twists, and turns. But what has happened till now? Let’s find out:

    Killing Eve Season 3 Plot

    MI-5 agent, Eve Polastri, is fired after she is found investigating a witness she is tasked with handling. She is anyway bored with her job and is more interested in female assassins and their psychologies. Their method of killing fascinates her to the point where she has started suspecting ordinary witnesses.

    After getting fired, luck takes a turn for the better, and she is hired by a secret division in the MI-6. She is delighted to know that her task is to find the international assassin, Villanelle.

    A connection is found between the two women, which leads them to grow obsessed with each other and sideline their respective original missions.

    Killing Eve Season 3 Cast

    The titled character of Eve is played by the talented Sandra Oh. You might know her from her Grey’s Anatomy fame. Despite her getting shot at the end of the last season, we know for sure that she will come back to reprise her role. Jodie Comer plays the stunning assassin, Villanelle.

    Other characters to return for the upcoming season are:

    Carolyn Martens played by Fiona Shaw. She is the head of MI-6’s Russia Section.
    Konstantin Vasiliev, played by Kim Bodnia. He is Villanelle’s handler.
    Niko Polastri by Owen McDonnell. He is Eve’s English-Polish husband and has a recurring role in the third season.

    Kenneth “Kenny” Stowton by Sean Delaney. He plays Carolyn’s son, who also works for the MI-6 and used to be a hacker and now works at Bitter Pill as a journalist. He, too, has a guest role in season 3.

    Raj Bajaj joins the cast as Mo Jafari. He is a new agent at MI6. Turlough Convery has also come on board as Bear, Kenny’s Bitter Pill co-worker. Other new members of the cast are Steve Pemberton as Paul- an MI-6 supervisor, Danny Sapani as Jamie- Kenny’s new boss, Gemma Whelan, as Geraldine- Carolyn’s daughter who has become estranged with her, and Harriet Walter as Dasha- Villanelle’s former trainer, and mentor.

    All About Killing Eve Season 3

    The last episode of the previous season ended on a massive cliffhanger. After all the time they spend ‘saving’ each other, Villanelle ends up shooting Eve.

    The third season starts about three months after these events take place. Villanelle is about to be married and is in Spain. Eve has left the MI6 and is working at New Malden, a Korean restaurant. She is joined by Kenny, who has also left the MI6 and become a journalist. The first episode ends with Eve finding out the Kenny is dead after being thrown from the roof by someone. Villanelle is also tasked with assassinating a local political agitator as a test before her promotion as the Keeper.

    Kenny’s death is declared to be a suicide in the second episode, while Villanelle is shocked to find out that Eve survived getting shot.

    The two finally meet on the bus in the third episode, during which they fight, and Eve kisses Villanelle to distract her.

    She also figures out Villanelle’s motive behind coming to London- killing Carolyn.

    Three episodes of the 8-episode season are already out, with more on the way.
    The episodes air every Monday on BBC iPlayer.

    Killing Eve Season 3 Reception

    Fans have not been very happy with the showrunners lately. Kenny’s death seemed pretty forced and unnecessary to them. Moreover, with them showing key plot twists in promos, fans feel that there might not be any gasp-worthy moments left in the show if they continue like this.

    The fans did finally get Villanelle and Eve’s big kissing scene, though, this season.  Of course, it was all a ruse for Eve to headbutt Villanelle’s face, but still. The scene was dripping with sexual tension and was hot AF. I mean, that should keep us satisfied for a while, right?

    Anywhoo, the show has had a good run, and the third season seems to be interesting as well. Will it be as great as the previous seasons, though? Only time will tell. To find out more, stay tuned! We will be back with more latest updates!


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