Knight’s & Magic Season 2: Release Date, Platforms and everything else you need to know!


    There is a lot of variety in the anime world, but only a few manage to stand out. Knight’s & Magic is one of such animes.

    Knight’s & Magic is an anime adaptation of popular light novel series of the same name. The storyline of the show features a man who died in a car accident but is revived in an alternate world as a child. In this alternate world, Fantasies of the real world like magic and robots turned out to be a reality. And therefore, he starts dedicating his new life to fulfill his dream of building and piloting his own Mecha.

    The series’ first season premiered back in 2017. And since then, the fans have been waiting for the show to get a renewal.

    All About Knight’s & Magic Season 2 Renewal

    The first season of the show, despite having only 13 episodes, managed to leave the manga behind. It seems like that the show-makers have currently run out of material to produce more episodes. But the Eight Bit Studios has previously produced shows with a different storyline than that of the manga. Hence, Knight’s & Magic being a new and very popular anime, has the odds in its favor.

    It is hard to say whether the show will get a renewal or not. This is because the show-makers haven’t released any public statement yet.

    As soon as we get more information on the subject, we’ll make sure to let you know!

    Knight’s & Magic Season 2 Dubbed Version

    If you haven’t seen the popular anime series yet, make sure to check it out. The first season of ‘Knight’s and Magic’ is available on Funimation in English dub.

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