Minecraft RTX Release Date!!! Details about the Game and what new features can we expect from the new season of the game?? Know them all here!!


    [Update] How to tame a fox in Minecraft: Survival Complete Guide & TricksAfter the release of Minecraft RTX on April 16, 2020, in beta version. It has been a hit with the Gaming community. It seems that real-time ray tracing has found its reason to exist. And it is Minecraft, one of the hottest games of all time.

    The game with RTX looks like a completely different game as shown in the demo by Nvidia. The beta version is available for Windows 10 on select RTX graphics card and the Minecraft Bedrock version. Many of the private servers on the game are upgrading their worlds to RTX, it seems that it has been a success.

    Release date of MINECRAFT RTX

    There have been no updates about the game after it’s release back in April 2020 in the beta version.  It is announced that the game mode will be coming all the next-gen consoles that relaunching in late 2020. The platforms include Xbox series x and PS5, the game will be available for pc which have the required hardware.

    The trouble of MINECRAFT RTX

    The Minecraft with RTX can be a big ask on the graphics card. As people saw the frame rate fell three times against the game with RTX off. Therefore, you will only get 50 fps if you get about 200 fps on a normal game.

    It looks like the development team has the work cut out for them.

    Changes to the game: MINECRAFT RTX

    After Mojang canceled the graphics update fans had been worried about their dreams of getting an official change to graphics. RTX is considered as the next step for Minecraft as it will provide much-needed changes to the game. The company has announced that they will be refitting the game.

    let’s hope it turns out fine for the most famous game of the summer.


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