Orange Is The New Black Season 8: Release Date, Journey, Plot and more. Latest updates!


    The American comedy-drama, Orange Is The New Black with seven seasons was trendy on Netflix; people enjoyed the story very thoroughly. But the sad news came when they announced season seven would be last for this series.

    No one wanted to believe, but the truth was Netflix and season makers consulted mutually and decided to give a rational end to the story and not stretch it, neither they gave a cliché ending nor sad one. The audience was pretty satisfied with the ending they gave but still want to watch more.

    Orange Is The New Black Journey

    The series was started in 2013 about women in prison from 2010 they gave successful seven seasons, the show was a massive hit and resulted to the most-watched series, even received numerous accolades and also got the Emmy nomination, including outstanding comedy series, outstanding writing for a comedy series, and outstanding directing for comedy series.

    Orange Is The New Black Release Date

    As makers already said the show is being closed, they said: “never say never.” Feeling the popular show is gaining, we can hope another season but not soon. The show is very close to heart, and after witnessing the success, the show gained in no time is forcing makers to make another season too.

    Orange Is The New Black Plot

    The show revolves around corruption, cuts by corporate owners, privatization of prison, overcrowding, taking no care of prisoner’s safety, and health wellness, the basic root of the show is the minimum safety of prisoners.

    Then a new warden is appointed, providing better security and taking better care of everyone, educational programs, and positive changes, and the story goes on. It looks complicated, but the base is fun, comedy, and drama.

    Orange Is The New Black Season 8 Cast

    We can expect the sum of the same characters from previous seasons, which are so good at their work that can actually change the future to be better. Namely, we can expect Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Alex Vause, Michael Harney, Michelle Hurst, Kate Mulgrew, Jason Biggs, Use Aduba, Danielle Brooks, and many others.





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