Vladimir Putin Suffering From Coronavirus, People Concerned After Russia’s PM Tested Positive For Coronavirus


    The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting various countries worldwide, and Russia is no exception. The outbreak in the country is getting worse day by day as the country recorded a total of 130 thousand confirmed cases with 1200 deaths. The country’s president, Vladimir Putin, expressed fear that the worst situation due to the virus outbreak is yet to come.

    Mikhail Mishustin, Russia’s prime minister, recently tested positive for the virus and became the country’s first senior politician to be infected with the virus. After the news of Mishustin’s coronavirus infection, concerns were raised whether the president and leader of the country, Vladimir Putin is suffering from the virus or not. The questions were raised due to the president’s close relationship with the prime minister.

    Mishustin took the responsibility as the country’s prime minister in January, and he has been working actively to prevent the virus’s outbreak in the country. The PM informed Putin through a video call that was broadcasted on national television. Mishustin told the president that he would now go to the hospital and self-isolation. He also requested the president First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov to take his responsibility while he would be out of the work.

    Vladimir Putin agreed to his request, and he thanked Mishustin for being an active person and for his work as the prime minister. Mishustin and Putin both requested their people to take the coronavirus precaution seriously and stay inside and respect an 11-day extended lockdown in the country.

    As for the president’s health condition, he seemed pretty fine and healthy. However, various people close to the government claimed that the president might have been suffering from the coronavirus. The people also requested the president to take necessary precautions to prevent the coronavirus and test at least once for the confirmation.

    Putin warned everyone to stay inside the home and follow social distancing practices as the country doesn’t have enough reliable medical equipment or even adequate medical staff if the situation gets worse.


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