Allison Ray Parker: Net worth and all you should know about the famous adult star and model


    Some found it taboo, and for some, it is boldness, whatever it is, but the Adult industry made Allison Ray parker really famous and rich. She was not born with a rich status and in a wealthy family, but the desire and dreams this girl possess made her star in very little time. Not only name and fame but a millionaire so swiftly.

    Allison ray parker was born on 22nd May 1994 in Arizona, California. Her mother is a freelance writer, and her father is a well-known Fashion designer.

    Her parents are very fond of her but never became the huddle in her bizarre-career, and that gave her wings to fly. She was always supported by her family and friends in whatever she is doing, and she proved herself with success she is enjoying now.

    Many find the Adult industry not so appropriate, but sometimes spicy dreams keep us alive in our Salty life.

    Not just an adult model, she had also completed her graduation from the University of Miami and had been a Basketball player in her school days. And her sporty and cheerful nature can still be experienced through her pictures.

    Apart from football, she loves photography and gardening. She loves to travel all over the world, and her favorite destination is Miami, and her love for Seafood is crazy. She has a tattoo on her left breast of her name.

    Allison ray parker gained immense strength of fan following through social media. But, she always kept her personal life hidden. Though, as per the sources, it is known that she swings both ways. Yeah, She is Bisexual but never revealed her love life and partner to anyone…

    She started her career in 2018 by uploading her stunning and bold pictures on Instagram that reached at 1million followers so quickly, but due to extreme nudity and adult pictures, Instagram blocked her account, but she came back with another one and soon gained the followers more than 8million. And not only this, but she is also very active on Twitter and Snapchat, where she posts her exotic and sensational pics.

    She also has a private account on “Onlyfans,” where she uploads her private pictures for her fans on the subscription of 25 to 30 dollars. She earns One Lakh Ninety Thousand dollars per month through her social sites, and her income is estimated at 66 Million dollars. She owns an SUV car and iPhone 8.


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