Bill and Ted 3 Release date, Cast and more things you must know about the show!! How excited are the fans??


    A brief note on Bill and Ted 3 or Bill & Ted Face The Music!!


    Bill and Ted 3 or Bill & Ted Face The Music is an upcoming American science-fiction comedy film. The comedy film is going to be amongst the must-watch ones. The movie will be directed by Dean Parisot and produced by Scott Kroopf and Steven Soderbergh. Bill and Ted 3 is written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. Here is all you need to know like the release date, cast, and other things of Bill and Ted 3.

    The Release Date of the Popular Bill & Ted 3!!


    Bill and Ted 3 or Bill & Ted Face The Music is going to be out for release on 21 August 2020 by Orion Pitcures. The release date for the Bill & Ted 3 is something that we can say the confirmed one. The basis of our saying such is that it was revealed by the co-stars of Bill & Ted 3 during one of the announcements. The fans of Bill & Ted 3 are waiting with full eagerness as well as excitement. We just pray and hope that the release date which is somewhat confirmed doesn’t get delayed further due to the COVID 19.

    The All-Time Favourite Cast of Bill & Ted 3!!


    The cast of Bill & Ted 3 includes the upcoming names among which many are the familiar ones. They include Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston, Keanu Reeves as Ted Logan. Kristen Schaal as Kelly will be also seen as a messenger from the future. William Sadler will be seen in the role of Death. Now coming to the family of Ted.

    So, Jillian Bell will be seen in the role of Dr. Taylor Wood. Hal Landon jr. Will be seen as Chet Logan. He will respire is role as the father of Ted. Beck Bennett will be seen in the role of Deacon Logan. He is the younger brother of Ted. Amy Stoch will be also coming back to Bill & Ted 3 as the stepmom of Bill. Samara returns as the daughter of Bill and Jonna’s. The other cast members include Anthony Carrigan, Kid Cudi, Brigette Lundy Paine, and other members.

    The Plot for Bill & Ted 3!!

    Bill and Ted 3 is going to the sequel of Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure released in 1991. The cast is set in for the Bill & Ted 3. In Bill and Ted 3 a messenger named Kelly from the future will be telling Bill and ted that only there song can only save life on the universe. The work of post-production on Bill and Ted 3 is still going on.



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