Are Makers Ready To Renew “Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” For “Season 2”?? Get The Updates Here!!!


    Are you the one who is one of the fans of science fiction movies or web series. Then the Dark Age crystal is only made for you. These web series is basically introduced while keeping teenagers in mind.

    The first series of Dark crystals was launched in the year 2019. The first series is consists of 10 episodes. The IMDB rating of this series is 8.5 out of 10, and it is also 88% fresh in the rotten tomatoes. There are lots of people who really liked the first season a lot, and now they are waiting for the second season to be launched.

    So in this, you will get lots of information about the second season of The Dark Crystal. Not only this, but it will also be very much important to see whether this series got a positive result or not.

    Are Makers Ready To Renew "Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" For "Season 2"?? Get The Updates Here!!!

    When Can Be Expect It?

    It is well confirmed by the director, Louis Leterrier that they are set for Dark Crystal age of Resistance season 2. But the fact is that the exact launched date of this season has not been declared. As an assumption, you can tell that maybe this series can be released in the year 2021.


    The Cast To Be Included?

    The characters and stars who will return in Dark Crystal age of Resistance season 2 includes

    • Taron Egerton as Rian
    • Anya Taylor Roy as Brea
    • Nathalie Emmanuel as Deet
    • Donna Kimball as Aughra
    • Harsin Dickinson as Gujrat
    • Gugu Mabtha Raw as Seladon
    • Victor Yerrid as Hap
    • Shazad Latif as Kylan

    Are Makers Ready To Renew "Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" For "Season 2"?? Get The Updates Here!!!

    These are some of the casts who will be included in the Dark Crystal age of resistance season 2. There may be other casts also, but we know about them once any announcement would be made.

    The Plotline?

    At the end of season 1, we have seen that Gelfling Clans united to fight against Skeksis. But the fact was that they did win the fight but not defeated Skis. Talking about the second season, we really don’t know what the plotline is. But the way season 1 ended we can expect it to further go with the story if it is getting a renewal.


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