Will “Norman Reedus” Again Feature In “Death Stranding 2”?? Get Other Updates On The Popular Game!!!


    Are you a big fan of action games then you have come to the right place. You may have heard about the game named Death Stranding many times. We can even say that there are lots of people who have even played this game. The first part was really very much successful. Now its time for the second part to get released.

    The first part of Death Stranding was released in the year 2019. The game was directed by Hideo Kojima, and it comes under the production house of Kojima Production. You can say that this game was the first game that was very much successful.

    The game also won awards that include The Game Award for the best performance and The Game Award for the best score and the soundtrack.

    Death Stranding 2 is not yet in the market but there are talks in the town about it lot due to the cast it may have.

    Will "Norman Reedus" Again Feature In "Death Stranding 2"?? Get Other Updates On The Popular Game!!!
    Credit: Kojima Productions.

    The Release Date?

    The developers have not yet announced the exact release date of Death Stranding 2. In this year, the release of Death stranding 2 seems impossible. This is because they haven’t yet announced it. If they announced the launching of Death stranding 2 in 2020 then we can expect it in 2024. It happened in the first season also.


    Who Is In Cast?

    The exact cast is not known yet. But it is confirmed that Norman Reedus will again return in Death Stranding 2 as the main Protagonist. We have come up with this speculation as he hinted the same through his social media account. He has given lots of proof, which shows that he is on to go with the new series of Death Stranding 2.

    Features To Be Included?

    The features of Death stranding 2 is unknown. This is because we just know that developers are working on death stranding 2. There is no announcement of release date and trailer. So there is no chance of knowing the feature. Whatever the feature is, it is sure you will like it.


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