Fans can’t keep Calm about latest episode of Black Clover ” The Lion Awakens”


    The latest episode of Black Clover ” The Lion Awakens”  has taken the anime fans by storm. The episode made it’s appearance originally in Japan on April 28, 2020. And has left the fans baffled because of the events taking place. It is the 132nd episode of Black Clover and gives us a glimpse of Black bulls training along with Crimson Lion and Leopold in the Mountain trial.

    Black Clover is one of the most intriguing anime, which takes us through a lot of twists and turn. No doubt, it is listed among the best shounen anime, and to date continues to be everyone’s favorite. It’s the first session premiered on December 2, 2017. later it’s the second session. It was released in October 2018, and now it is airing its latest episode.

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    Bummer for The Fans!!! 

    As we all know, season 3 of Black Clover aired on October 1, 2019, and in April, the latest episode was released. But there is a bummer for fans. According to some well-known sources, this will be the final episode or installment because the development has been hindered due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The release date of the second part of the 13th episode ” The Lion Awakens, Continued”  is not confirmed. However, there are rumors that will be delayed for almost two weeks. In these difficult times, considering the safety of the team, the production is further delayed.

    The Lions Awakens Spoiler Alert!!! 

    The series went through a lot of twists and crossover, and now theanine is all set to enter it’s six-month training Arc. But for now, we have some spoilers. In the 131 episodes of Black Clover, we saw both Asta and you return to the church where they were discovered.

    Meanwhile, in the 132nd episode of Black Clover, we see that two members, Black bull and Crimson lions, are training intensively on the Ultime- Volcano Mountain.  As the training between different members intensifies, Leopold may unveil his skills. And as the title ” The Lion Awakens”  it totally justifies the content

    The remaining episodes may further focus on the character of Leopold as he has been hidden in his skills, unlike his siblings Fuegoleon and Mereoleona. Leopold’s training and his self-realization may be an important character arc for the upcoming episodes and series.




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