Floyd Mayweather’s Daugter Facing 99 YEAR JAILTIME for STABBING Woman to NEAR DEATH


    Floyd Mayweather’s teenage daughter has been arrested after stabbing her boyfriend’s baby momma and now charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    The 19-year-old teenage girl went to her boyfriend Never Broke Again YoungBoy’s Houston home at around 1.30 pm and then mercilessly stabbed his girlfriend, with whom the boyfriend shared a child.

    Iyanna Mayweather was agitated after discovering her boyfriend with the victim, Lapattra Lashai Jacobs. Iyanna yelled at Jacobs to leave the house and told her that she was YoungBoy’s fiancée. Jacobs didn’t obey Iyanna’s order, and she instead asked her to leave. Jacobs’s refusal prompted a fierce fight between the women, and they eventually went to the kitchen.

    Iyanna saw two knives at the kitchen table and saw an opportunity to stab Jacobs. She seemingly stabbed the victim two times in her biceps, and she immediately fell down on the floor. The local law enforcement arrived shortly and arrested Iyanna along with the boyfriend for a precautionary measure. Jacobs was rushed to the local hospital in a stable condition, and she was expected to recover soon.

    The sources close to the victim revealed that when the Fighter of the Decade’s daughter stabbed for the first time, she didn’t feel it, but the second was painful and horrible. On the other hand, the attacker told the cops that Jacobs provoked the argument by pulling her hair outside the house. For the record, Iyanna and Jacobs had never seen or met each other before the incident.

    Iyanna was arrested on the same day and was placed at Houston’s Harris County jail. Kurt Schaffer (who had represented Slim Thug and Pimp-C) confirmed that he would represent the daughter of an Olympic bronze medalist. He also revealed that the unfortunate incident still shakes Iyanna.

    Iyanna could face 99 years in prison or pay $10,000 fine if she would be convicted of the felony. But the scenario is unlikely because she has no prior criminal history, and the victim is out of danger. Iyanna has been released on a $30,000 bond from the Houston’s Harris County jail.


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