Fruit Basket Season 2 is officially back!! Know about the Plot and latest updates!!!


    The 2001 anime Fruit Basket left a deep impact on their fans when it’s production was stopped. But after almost a decade, TMS Entertainment decided to take over the anime. And it was rebooted in April 2019 with 25 episodes.

    It is an adaption of manga series of the same name, which consists of 136 chapters. The manga became so popular that 18 million copies were sold in Japan alone. Further, it became the best selling book in the USA. In recent years after the premiere of its reboot season, one fan is eagerly waiting for season two. Let’s jump onto the main topic. When will season 2 air?

    A scene in the series

    Fruit Basket 2 Release Date

    For some of the fans who don’t know. The new season has already been released on April 6, 2020. But the bummer is that the new season is not available on Netflix yet. But you can stream it on various Anime websites like gogoanime and kickass anime.

    And for the anime freaks who are a fan of shojo anime, you all should give it a watch. The first season is available on Netflix with all 25 episodes.

    What is the anime all about?

    The series follows the life of a high school orphan girl named Tohru. Her life becomes upside down when she losses her mother in a car accident. And is forced to move out of her grandparent’s house. Unaware of her fate and without a roof to stay, her classmate Yuki Sohma allows her to stay in her Sohma house.

    Everything seems simple and decent until one day, Tohru discovers the dreadful secret about the house. And the curse surrounding the members of the family. The 12 members of the family are possessed by the Chinese Zodiac. Which, at the time of anger and weakness, transforms them into an animal. After knowing the secret Tohru sets on a journey to break the curse and free the members.

    In the last episode, Kazuma sneaks out of the house, along with Tohru. But they didn’t realize that Kyo is behind them. So in the latest season, we might see their journey and attempt to break the curse.



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