GTA 6 release date out?? Everything you need to know about GTA 6: new features, release date, new characters and other exciting updates!!


    Players have been waiting for the most-awaited game ever. Yes, you’re right! It’s your favorite game- GTA 6. Many revelations about the game are made recently. We know you have many questions spinning around. Keep reading to get clear insights about the game.

    Rockstar Is Coming Up With "GTA 6," Or It's Just A Dream Left For Gamers: Updates Regarding This Are Here!!!

    The most popular game GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 6, is most anticipated by fans. As a result, players are eagerly waiting for the release. It was rumored to release in March this year. Though we didn’t see that coming, moreover, it was disheartening!

    However, recent updates revealed that the game is in its developmental stage. We need to wait a bit longer to witness it.

    In addition to that, updates are that the story of GTA 6 is finally complete. So get ready for your favorite game to be back.


    Game-developers are tight-lipped about revealing anything. However, a few things have been leaked recently. Here’s the account of the ‘leaked stuff’:

    • The game will feature four protagonists this time. Three names are out as of now: Walther Wallace, Thomas Branigan, Marcus Burke.
    • The game is likely to teleport between the 1980s and the present.
    • The map in GTA 6 is likely to be, of the combined size of GTA’s previous season and RDR2.
    • Players will be happy as the location is in Florida this time. However, leak claims that there’ll be more major cities other than Vice City.
    • The plot of the game is set up sometime between GTA IV Dark and GTA V Bright.
    • A realistic experience with weapons is taken care of. Gameplay will definitely be enthralling.
    • It is most likely to be back with enhanced and stunning visuals.

    However, the above claims are not yet confirmed. The official announcement will be out soon, clearing further doubts.


    Players are eagerly waiting for the release date to be out. However, no release date is out yet. We may expect the game to be out anytime soon. So stay tuned with us to stay updated.


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