Is Facebook Gaming a Better Platform for Gamers as compare to Twitch and YouTube?? Lets see what experts have to say about it!!


    New array into game streaming

    They see the success of Twitch and YouTube gaming. Many new services are rolling out that caters to the online streaming community. Following the suit of Microsoft’s Mixer, Facebook has joined in with its Facebook Gaming. Even though there is no lack of live streaming platform. The market is dominated by Twitch, which has the market cornered by about 66% and YouTube at 28%. Both of the services come with their unique features.

    Where YouTube is more mainstream and promotes its services by easy monetization of contents. Twitch is very Niche, in its use case, only for gaming. Both of these platforms are very hard to crack for ordinary people who want to be internet famous.

    That’s where Facebook gaming comes in; the company has promoted its services beyond Video gaming. In its campaign, it has roped in mainstream celebrities to portray that it is easy for everyone.

    Features of Facebook gaming

    It has a go-live feature for easy streaming for everyone. A create tournament event board to organize tournaments and much more. Facebook has totted that even friends can play with each other in real-time. All this is supposed to help the streamers easy to create content on Facebook. With Facebook’s large user group, it is supposed to be a great hit in countries Twitch has failed to monopolize.

    Facebook gaming is available for android as of now but will soon be coming to Apple after it gets the Approval.

    As of now, Facebook gaming is organizing a virtual tennis tournament with Williams, Maria Sharapova, Hailey Bieber, and Gigi Hadid. If it is better than YouTube and twitches, only the content and the community on it can tell.


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