Will “House Of Cards” Be Revived With “Season 7” After The Unplanned Cancellation?? All That We Know About Renewal!!


    Created by Beau Willimon, House of Cards is an American thriller-political drama series. The show has a massive following and has several fans in all countries of the world. The series has been illustrated from the BBC miniseries. The miniseries goes by the same name and has been written by Andrew Davis and Michael Dobbs. Netflix Streaming Services have been its distributor for long.

    The series was a massive hit. Even after no new season being aired currently, there is excitement for the same. Therefore, the main question racing in the minds of the fans is – Will the show be back with the 7th season? If so, what will be the plot with the renewal of the series? Read below to know more.

    Renewal For Season 7?

    Will "House Of Cards" Be Revived With "Season 7" After The Unplanned Cancellation?? All That We Know About Renewal!!

    The first season of the show had premiered back on 1st February 2013 on Netflix, and the first season comprised a total of 13 episodes. Netflix ordered for the renewal of the series in 2017 with season 6. Season 6 released in 2018, and it finished on 2nd November 2018. Netflix had announced that the 6th season would be the last season of the show.

    Therefore, it would be correct to say that the series finished with the sixth season. There would be no 7th season of the House of Cards. The creators and the production house of the show have also not announced any renewal of the show. No statement had been received from the BBC either.

    More About Renewal

    Although it is final that there would be no season 7, given the popularity of the show, there may be an unexpected renewal. Even after the announcement of the sixth one being final, the makers have received a lot of suggestions for renewal. The storyline, based on the miniseries of BBC, the show revolves around the life of congressman, Frank Underwood, a Democrat. The main cast includes Kevin Spacey as Frank or Francis J. Underwood and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, who is the wife of Francis J. Underwood.


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