Is Overlord coming with Season 4? Know about the latest updates and details!!!!!


    After dropping three successful seasons, the Dark fantasy anime Overlord is expected to return with its fourth installment. As discussed by the scriptwriters at Animagic 2019 in Germany. The series is an adaption of the Japanese light novel of the same name written by Kugane Maruyama.

    Moreover, with the increasing demand for Anime series worldwide. It has become one of the most versatile media of entertainment. Further, Netflix is also providing its subscribers with more Anime content and genre. Overlord season 1 to 3 is also available on Netflix.

    The anime series received a tremendous response for Its storyline. It has intricately woven the fictional world with the real world making it intimidating for fans. When a popular gaming company decides to shut down. The pro MMORPG player finds himself trapped in his game. The series depicts and demonstrates the taboo. And how teens are often clouded by their unrealistic fantasies.

    Are we having Overlord Season 4? 

    As stated earlier by the scriptwriters, we sure are getting Overlord Season 4. But the Release Date is still not announced. It’s the first season premiered on July 7 to September 29, 2015. Further, the second and third season was released in 2018 respectively.

    Fans have been anticipating Overlord Season 4 Release Date, but there is no update yet. But according to some sources, it is likely to come back in late 2020 or early 2021.

    Overlord Upcoming Spoiler!!! 

    In the last episode, we almost lost our seats after such a turn of events. We see that Gazef Stronoff and Ainz Ooal get into a final battle. To decide the fate of the Sorcerer Kingdom. In the crossroad of twists and turns. Ainz gets to know about the brutal power of the sword his enemy holds, which can make him extinct. But to our surprise, Ainz uses his power of time spell and kills Gazef. And ultimately becomes the sorcerer’s king.

    No doubt, after becoming the sorcerer’s king, Ainz will hold more power. So in Overlord Season 4, we may witness his power taking a new root, affecting different characters. As well as entertaining more powerful enemies. Further, the Kingdom itself is an eye-catch and lure to budding villains. For now, the battle is settled, but the future dangers are still unknown.


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