Is World War Z 2 cancelled??Here’s what everything you need to know about the upcoming movie!!


    “World War Z 2”, A movie that has remained a priority for those fans who love zombie apocalypse. Brad Pitt and David Fincher were really awesome, and the fact that Fincher created a movie like this was really outstanding and awesome to know.

    The unanswered question??

    But now the question is we going to have the sequel of this movie or not. The first part was created with quite a hardship as there were many problems with the schedule, and production problems were also there.

    So, let’s dig into it a little deeper.

    So, The release date of the movie, which we were waiting for quite a while for the sequel, but the main thing is that the shooting hasn’t started, and the main reason was the schedule. When everything was ready, and they were about to shoot, David Fincher was quite busy with his new series called “Mindhunter” due to which the shooting was halted.

    So, it’s going to happen or not??

    After that, Brad Pitt was the reason for the stoppage of the shooting as he was busy with his new movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.” So, that was that, and now when they want to start again, the pandemic has halted the whole thing again, but if the movie started shooting, then it will be with the same cast members with the story somewhat different from 2006 Novel by Max Brooks of the same name.

    And recently, Paramount has decided to stop the production as we all know that China is the main reason for the surplus amount of box office business the movies make worldwide. The government has clarified that the movie will be banned as these concepts actually kind of create distress regarding the politics of the country. So, to make sure everything remains the same and peaceful. They told them that this would be banned.

    So, After all this, it’s officially canceled for now, but we could be able to see as we never know anything can happen. So, for the time being, let’s just wait and see what’s going to be the reaction of the production house incoming future.


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