National Treasure 3 cancelled!? What is the reason behind such a decision of the makers? Hear all the news here!


    It is going to be a long wait for the fans of the treasure hunter Benjamin gates for the third film of the national treasure.

    The national treasure three was announced along with the release of the second movie in the franchise. It has been about 13 years since. It was reported that Disney was not sold on the script of the movie. The movie has gone through many rewrites. It is hard to say whether it will be coming out or not.

    The cast of the movie: National Treasure 3

    The cast of the movie is still unsure as the script is not finalized. Nicholas Cage has shown interest in coming back as the treasure hunter Benjamin Gates, along with his loyal sidekick Riley Poole played out by Justin Bartha. The cast for the third movie could also bring back Diane Kruger and Jon Voight.

    Diane Kruger plays Dr. Abigail’s chase, which is Gates’ colleague and his girlfriend. Jon Voight is Patrick Henry Gates; he is Benjamin’s father.

    Plot for the movie: National Treasure 3

    The plot of the movie is still unknown. But we can guess that it will be far bigger than any of the previous films. At this time, the movie is going international, as suggested by actors and screenwriters.

    The previous films were restricted to the history of the united states. This time we might be going into far bigger conspiracies. What these conspiracies might be, we still don’t know.

    Updates on the movie: National Treasure 3

    In 2020, the writer Chris Bremmer was hired to rewrite the script for the movie. He is also the writer for Bad boys for life. The films might take place in South Africa, as hinted by actor Nicholas Cage.


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