New AirPods could launch in May alongside MacBook Pro refresh!! How excited are the gadget fans??


    On April 19, it was leaked by Jon Prosser that a new AirPod was on its way with the new Macbook Pro 2020 refresh. Even though it was supposed by announced on the March event, it is now will be on the showcase for the May event.

    He has been a trusted source on all things Apple, So It is likely to be true. The new AirPod is likely to come with the New H series chips, which are apple wearable chips that house everything from music to Siri. The last series in the chipset featured reduced power consumption extending the battery life. The new AirPods might also be launching with various interactions at once, like X, Max, and pro.

    The new MacBook Pro refresh for the already over the top MacBook line up might feature better thermals and the new 10th generation Intel chips. But there is no report on the Apple Ryzen Line-up of computers which are much in demand by the consumers.

    The launch of AirPod three might be with the AirPod X. The X is rumored to be apples latest and greatest over the ear wireless headphones. Which as supposed to announced on the march event along with iPhone SE and Apple iPad 2020.

    The feature of the AirPod might be in its new design and internals. It will feature active and passive noise canceling. The new AirPods might be available in various colors, unlike the previous generations, which only came in white.

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