When is Noblesse releasing?? Know the Date, Production, and Spoilers of the webtoon here!! Release date, Cast and many more!!


    Noblesse is a webtoon comic written by Son Jeho and illustrated by Lee Kwangsi. The property has seen a lot of changes and adaptations. Over the years, there has been about three anime adaptation.k

    There has been a webtoon, a DVD release back in 2015, and an OVA release in 2016 in 2016 by Production I.G. The new 2020 anime series will be a Crunchyroll original.

    The new anime series is a collaboration between Webtoons and Crunchyroll. In this collaboration, Crunchyroll will adapt famous webtoons into anime. There have been about eight planned shows coming to the streaming services this year, and Noblesse is part of them.

    The release date for the anime show: Noblesse 

    The show will hit Crunchyroll in the summer of 2020. So, as you read this article, It might already be there. If not, we will just have to wait for a couple of weeks maximum to get on that vampire action.

    Production of Noblesse 

    The making of the anime series took a huge 11 years, according to Jeho Son, during his interview. It was developed by Production I.G and Naver Webtoons. The show will be simulcast on the streaming platform.

    Spoilers of Noblesse 

    The entire story for the anime is based on the comic series. So, the entire story is out there. If you want to read the story and prepare for the anime, be your guest, you can read it for free on Webtoons.


    Here’s a snippet for what to expect

    “This fantasy follows a strong vampire noble who is thrown into modern civilization after 820 years of slumber. Dangerous adventures together with his new friends await as they combat a secret organization and uncover his past”.

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