Now You See Me 3 is Happening; Lionsgate Hired Top Gun: Maverick Writer Eric Warren Singer


    Now You See Me is a great deal for all heist-thriller movie fanatics, and everyone would possibly love to see yet another exhilarating story about the four horsemen. The film-makers announced the third possible Now You See Me movie even before the release of Now You See Me 2. The film-makers stopped talking about the development of the film due to several unknown reasons, and the third movie disappeared for a few years. Bow, out of nowhere, the news about the third movie popped up, and fans are incredibly excited.

    Lionsgate recently announced that there would be the third film in the franchise, and they have brought renowned writer Eric Warren Singer to write the fresh story for the third film in the widely popular heist-thriller. Singer has previously worked with David O. Russell on American Hustle, for which they were nominated for the Academy Award—but unfortunately lost to Spike Jonze (Her). He wrote the screenplay for upcoming action drama, Top Gun: Maverick, along with Ehren Kruger and Christopher McQuarrie.

    Nathan Kahane, the president of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, mentioned that Eric’s inclusion in the film would help to tell a story of deception and illusion to a whole different mind-blowing level with the returning and new characters. He also mentioned that Singer was always fascinated with the idea of writing a story that involved wild magic and illusions. Nathan believes that Eric has a spellbound trick upon his sleeve that no one has ever witnessed because, of course, the magicians don’t do the same tricks again and again.

    Lionsgate previously (a few years back) confirmed that Lizzy Caplan would reprise her role as one of the four horsemen while Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange and Sherlock) will join the cast as a new member. Now You See Me follows a story of revenge and heist, in which a group of illusionists, called as the horsemen, pull some of the impossible heists and make the audience keep guessing about the climax. The previous two installments were both critically and commercially successful that featured the ensemble cast of Jessie Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, and Michael Cain with Morgan Freeman.


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