How will the plot make a twist in Prison School Season 2?? Know every details like Release Date, Plot and Cast here!!


    Prison school was one of the most hilarious sex-comedy to date on the anime scene. From its funky and over the top characters to its overthinking mind-numbing philosophy. It has been three years since the last episode. The manga was written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. It was in circulation from 2011 to 2017, with about 28 volumes to date. Of these 28, only nine were adapted for anime.

    So, practically there is still a lot of material to work on for a sequel.

    The characters of the Prison school

    The story’s lead is on the boys Kiyoshi Fujino by Taishi Nakagawa, Takehito Morokuzu by Tokio Emoto, Shingo Wakamoto by Masato Yano, Joji Nezu by Daiki Miyagi and Reiji Ando by Galigaligalixon. They have to face the weird punishments doled out to them by the underground student council. The USC includes Mari Kurihara, Meiko Shiraki, and Hana Midorikawa.

    In inclusion to these seven leads, there are still many others. There also an Aboveground Student Council. The ASC is the adversary to the underground council. If season one gets a sequel made, we will see more of them.

    The reception of the show

    The season one of the anime got 7.8 out of 10 on with the same rating on IMDb. We can say that the anime was well received by the audience.

    But the problem lies with the manga series. It sold about four to five thousand copies per volume, not bad but not good either.

    The dates for season two have not been announced yet. It is very unlikely that the studio will ever revive the show. Due to the explosion of the Niseko genre, there isn’t much attention given to such a niche topic.

    Check back later for more updates.


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