Will the leads Emma, Norman, and Ray come back for Promise Neverland Season 2??? Know every details here!!


    Back into the dark world of Promiseland.

    One of the darkest anime available to watch the promised neverland. Directed by Mamoru Kanbe based on the manga by Kaiu Shirai. Is set to return with its second season. Which is set to release in January 2021 due to the lockdown. The original release date was going to be October 2020. Fans are going to wait another two months for the return of their favorite anime back on TV.

    Meanwhile, the manga series is highly popular with the readers with about 16 million copies in circulation and a spinoff too.

    The plot of the story: Promise Neverland Season 2

    The story is set in an orphanage where children spend their time in leisure and giving tests. It a very picturesque setting. Until the orphans find out that the entire orphanage is a human farm, which produces meat for wealthy demons, all the orphans are under the caretaking of Mom Isabella.

    Now, the three orphans who know the truth about the orphanage must rally other kids and plan their escape from their fate. They must all contend with other players and use the politics of the place to plan their route.

    The character of the show: Promise Neverland Season 2

    The show has three main lead characters Emma, Norman, and Ray. All three are the smartest kids in the orphan who find about the truth of the orphanage and carry out the plan to escape the building. They are faced against the cunning Isabella, who is their caretaker and the biological mother of Ray.

    The show also has a character such as Krone, who is an adversary to Isabella and wants to take her position.

    Till now…

    The season one ended with the kids escaping from their prison. The second season will explore their world outside.


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