Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Release Date, Feature’s Video, Price And Other Things You Need To Know!


    Samsung is releasing Galaxy fold’s successor, Galaxy Fold 2. The first Galaxy Fold’s release last year, in 2019. The latest leak of This Fold is the best news till now.

    We’ve been hearing murmurs about this phone for months now. We know for codes to screen size leak. But the possibly best leak we know is almost everything about the handset.

    Enough chit-chat! Let’s get cracking!

    All About Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

    This information is from the CEO of the display supple chains consultant. The Fold 2 will have 120 Hz displays like the Samsung S20 series. The foldable panel will be 7.59 inches. It gives us a 2213 x 1689 resolution.

    There were rumors that Samsung will use under-display camera technology on Fold 2. But we guess that technology isn’t ready yet.

    So Samsung will use a punch hole cut out like the S20 series. It’s better to assume it’ll be at the corner. Another news is that it’ will have S-Pen support. Earlier, the developers denied. This version is supposedly lighter. Thus, S-Pen is indeed included, and that’s great news for fans.

    There’s always been a word in the corner. The buyers were willing to buy Fold 2 only with S-Pen support.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Price

    The price of Fold 2 will be pretty similar to the first fold. The first had ₹1,50,000 as the starting. The first flip was over ₹1,00,000.

    We hope Samsung will set the price between these two models. The estimated prices are ₹1,35,000, ₹1,42,000, and ₹1,43,400.

    Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Release Date

    Well, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, The release will delay.

    Just like the iPhone 12 production delay, Samsung will suffer the same. That’s sad because it was releasing in the time frame of August. This news is confirmed by the CEO of display supply chain consultants.

    The release name is winner two, as said by the Galaxy club. But this is a code name and not a release name. So we don’t know and till then can call this Galaxy fold 2.


    The phone has a laptop mode, 108 MP camera that rotates, and three screens of the phone. The device is 1.5 ounces lighter than Fold one.

    The camera looks like this. With this picture above, we can confirm the S-pen support. We hope it releases soon!!

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