Samsung Galaxy Note 20 : Release Date, Launch, Features and everything we know!


    Galaxy Note 20 is the newest edition in the Samsung Galaxy Note series. It is highly likely Note 20 is going to release sometime at the end of this year. Though the launching is still months away, that didn’t stop many outlets from revealing a few potential designs of the new phone for us. And we are quite impressed by the look. I am saying that there are some great features on the phone.

    All About Samsung Galaxy Note 20

    It is being rumored that Galaxy Note 20 comes with Snapdragon 865. The battery is maybe around 4,000mAh. There are patents that point out that Note 20 contains a spectrometer. Though which is not new for phones to have. Note 20 could also have a camera under the full display, an in-screen camera, instead of a notch or even a pin-hole. It is heard that Note 20 could have a 120Hz refresh screen that is more fine-tuned.

    More Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Features

    Most features about Galaxy Note 20 are either rumors or leaks, so we can’t say it for sure to agree to these rumors, but most of these news seems legit. Like the fact that all the sides of the phone are expected to be curved to a more pebble-like shape, even more than Note 10. It is to contain 128GB storage. Galaxy Note 20 could have a 12MP main camera, 64MP telephoto sensor, and 12MP ultra-wide and depth vision sensor on the rear.

    Well, to the actual price of the phone, though, it is not decided yet. But we can guarantee it won’t be cheap. It is expected to be something around $900 – $1000, Or maybe even more than that.

    More news about the new Galaxy Note 20 will be updated soon later. But for now, no more news is out yet.


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