All Adults Here : A Book Review. More about Plot and everything else about Emma Straub’s book.


    All Adults Here is the latest book by novelist Emma Straub. She is an American novelist and bookstore owner. Emma Straub is the daughter of famous horror and suspense writer Peter Straub. Emma’s unique sense of humor, wittiness, wisdom, and insightful thinking comes together into creating something really satisfying.

    All About All Adults Here

    Like in All Adults Here, the relationship between adult siblings, aging parents. Along with high school boyfriends and mean girls from middle school. They are all part of our lives and how they come with us into adulthood, whether we want them to or not.

    Straub’s writing is very relatable to our own lives. Maybe that is the reason why her novels are so appealing to readers of all ages. All Adults Here contains all the chaos and messiness that creates a family.

    "All Adults Here" By "Emma Straub" Will Keep You Engaged In This Portray Of Family Problems: More Updates Are Intact!!!

    All Adults Here Plot

    The story revolves around Astrid Strick, a mother, and a grandmother. After witnessing an accident in the town, she remembers the mistakes she has made in raising her three children. But she can’t do anything about it now, as they are all adults. Her youngest son is unfocused, making mistakes in parenting himself. Her daughter is pregnant but still can’t let go of her teenage self. And her eldest son has standards so high that no one can match them.

    Now, after so many years, which are the apologies that really count? Which are the moments that really matter? Maybe it’s possible that her only granddaughter, who is a 13 yr old teenager and her friend will truly understand the amount of courage it takes to tell the truth to a person whom you love the most.

    Emma Straub portrayed these tangled relationships in such a way that everyone feels like they are a part of the story and relate to the characters.


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