Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America – All about Laila Lalami’s book!


    Conditional Citizen is an amazing description of how to be an American, from the point of view of a Moroccan immigrant. Laila Lalami is born in Rabat. She completed her education in Morocco, Britain, and the United States. The book is impressionable and illuminating. Lalami is recounting her own journey from Morocco to the United States and becoming a citizen here.

    All about Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America

    The book purely captures the experience of arriving in the United States and living there from the point of view of an immigrant. She is pointing out the rights, liberties, and protection. That is associated with being an American citizen. She furthermore explores the history, culture, politics, literature. However, Lalami even elaborates how the accident of birth like race, gender, and national origin. These boundaries of American-ness are still there. Being an immigrant, she gave arguably a proper description of being an American citizen.

    "Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America" By "Laila Lalami"- The Launch Date To Synopsis Is Here!!!

    The plot of Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America 

    Laila even writes the relevance of white supremacy in America and how they are adapting to stay relevant, which is the result of a caste system where the equal white and landowners are at the top of social status. In Conditional Citizen, she even argues how America embraces and welcomes all the people with one hand and pushes them aside with another hand. This book is very deep and personal for Lalami. She writes from her own experience how non-white people fit into the American culture, even how they have pushed away or discriminated against.

    However, the book is really good for any age group. Anyone can relate to the experiences and circumstances similar to the author herself. So to know more about her own experience. However, I would suggest you to go read the book, guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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