If I Had Your Face: A Novel By Frances Cha – Release Date, Plot and more about the book!


    Korea is already famous for drama and interesting stories. Frances Cha came up with a brilliant topic – they are her real thoughts about life and what she feels. When the cultural and life-based book is launched, they launch with a fear of doing well or not, but in some cases having a great storyline, the books go beyond imagination.


    If I Had Your Face – Release Date

    Books are our significant source of entertainment in this lockdown period. This Korean novel was scheduled to be released on April 21, 2020. But due to the global threat of coronavirus, they shifted the dates to July 23, 2020, as they will not be able to send books to the retailers.

    But the hardcover for the same is released and not even cost a lot just $13.99 on Amazon Kindle. You can read the book and enjoy the fictional but heart touching story of four women and their circumstances.

    If I Had Your Face – Plot

    This novel is about four different ladies having different situations and circumstances and how they deal with it – Yuri who works in room saloon which is similar to a bar and she needs to deal with men guests and entertain them, facing threats. Second, we have Miho, Yuri’s roommate, and grew up in one orphanage. She then went to New York for higher studies, but now she is back in Korea and is having an affair with the rich.

    Third, we have Ara, who is a hairstylist with crazy choices; her best friend saves money for plastic surgery. The fourth one is the woman who always tries to get pregnant as she and her husband trying hard to get a baby.

    The storyline of-course sounds crazy, but this book is going to be a truth speaker. Korean culture is expressed in the best way. Slowly and gradually, the book is getting good reviews and ratings. People are eagerly waiting for the hardcopy!





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