iPhone 12: Release Date, Features and more. Everything you need to know about the latest phone.


    To maintain the reputation in market, Apple launches 2-3 parts of one model. We are expecting the same thing in the iPhone 12. It looks complicated, but it’s’s not; they vary in body size, features, and other characteristics.


    There are a lot of rumors. Some say it is going to be a 5.4 inches phone, two 6.1 inch device, and one 6.7 inch model. Ultimately all of them are right we are expecting three different models of iPhone 12 one after another with little difference in them.

    It is possible they release an ”entry-level’ version, and two pro models: one regular sized and one max. After analyzing there description we are expecting four models this time, any news regarding this is not publicized, the update will be delivered to you as we get.

    iPhone 12 Release Date

    This is a hard time as we all know about the global threat of coronavirus is affecting everything. Usually, Apple launches its new product in the month of September, more specifically between the 8-15th date of the month. But this time, it looks difficult to launch, so they are planning to move the dates to the coming year.

    They are already having a back lock of Apple Watch and another sequel to it. Instead of making it more complicated, they took a step and moved the date ahead and trying to do things in order.

    More About iPhone 12

    This is expected the new iPhone 12 will be more like iPhone 4 edgy and squarer. Much better battery life, then the iPhone X range is not expected. They are using OLED screens this time and introducing 120Hz display with iPhone 12 pro range, a big package of surprise is there!

    Of-course removable and replaceable battery is not going to happen because it makes the phone less waterproof, but still, fans want it as it becomes more convenient to run the phone for long. People want it to be C type, which is again easy to find and ultimately create ease in life.

    There are a lot of things on the list, but we can conclude it by saying the list never ends. We hope they launch the iPhone 12 soon.


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