Irregular At Magic High School Season 2: Release Confirmation, Spoiler and Reason for Delayed Announcement.


    The only good news we are getting this quarantine situation is our favorite shows will release after things settle down worldwide.

    Are you an anime lover? Especially of superpower revelation stories? Well, we have a show that’ll suit your preference ‘ Irregular at Magic High School.’ It is releasing another season 2. however; the dates didn’t get confirm yet. But you have sufficient time to catch up with the previous season. So, let’s use the time of lockdown!

    Irregular at magic high school got its season two release confirmation by the production. This season will be the series finale!
    The next season will have debut entries and a novel plot. Fans finally accepted the fate of this series: no renewal. But the latest information we got about the delay is further in the article!

    Although this season’s going to the last, there’s the addition of two to four new characters in the season. If you have or haven’t read the novel, this isn’t a spoiler. Season one had Tatsuya to realize her magic powers and how capable she was. Angelina Kudou Shields will have an early introduction if Tatsuya has her powers accepted in USNA.

    Irregular At Magic High School Season 2 Release Date

    About five years later, this anime got season confirmation (October 2019). No sure information, but there was a franchise film created in the time span. So the delay was sure. Regardless of the delay for the news, we are sure for season two this year.

    It’ll air somewhere before or later in July. The dates will be announced three weeks prior. The confirmation was last year by the creators. Post-film hit, this season wishes to be a hit too. The production of this season is by Eight Bit.

    Irregular At Magic High School Season 2 Cast

    1. Tatsuya Shiba by Yuichi Nakamura
    2. Miyuki Shiba by Saori Hayami
    3. Erika Chiba by Yumi Uchiyama
    4. Leonhard Saijo by Takuma Terashima
    5. Mari Watanabe by Marina Inoue


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