Is “Google Pixel 4a” compete with “iPhone” in the gadgets market !! Catch the latest updates & Everything You Need to Know!!


    Google Pixel 4a is the follow up of the last year’s Pixel 3a, which has to fulfill the customer’s expectations. It has the features that can compel you to buy on the day it will be released.

    Here are the details of the upcoming “Google Pixel 4A.”

    Launch Date

    As several tech events are canceled because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year’s event, which was to be held in May, is also canceled. The Pixel 4a was to enter the production process in April. According to reliable sources, the Pixel 4a is set to reach the stores by May 22. But we cannot say the same as the COVID 19 pandemic that is lurking now can thrash the launch to a further date.

    What Is Included?

    The phone’s starting price will be $399. There are several leaks that have started to appear as nothing has been said about the other details of the phone. It does not surprise the customers very much, but it is smaller than the previous model of the phone.

    The display of the phone will be larger, and it has a fingerprint scanner at the rear end of the phone. The body will be made up of plastic or polycarbonate. A pronounced camera bump can be seen in the photos that have been leaked on social networking sites. It has a single camera with a flash on the black side on the rear.

    It was reported that there are three colors that are black along with a lime button, white along with an orange button and teal along with a hot pink button. But now the thought is that there will only be two color options Black and barely blue.


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