Is Your Android Phone Also Infected with the Unkillable Malware xHelper? Researchers Finally Have the Answers! Get the Updates Here


    Cyber-crimes and bugs are nothing but some old friends of this ever-expanding tech world we live in. Another new strain of Android Malware known as a helper is also no different but just something even worse. This malware has spread so rapidly that it has infected more than 40,000 android phones until now, particularly in Russia, India, and the US.

    But the researchers from have revealed some valuable insights about this “unkillable virus.” Let’s know what it is.

    The History of the Unkillable Android Malware helper

    Months ago, back in October 2018, reports about a strange malware seen in Android phones came to light, which had already affected thousands by then. It was rather a “Cleaner”/” Speed-up” app which, once installed on your device, sets its roots so deep in it that no matter how hard you try, it will not lose its grip. Users even tried to do a complete factory-reset of their devices, but it was to no avail.

    What you see after installing helper is that it is nowhere to be found! It completely disappears and can be seen only in the inspecting list of installed system apps, preparing to do vile things to your phone, without your knowledge.

    The app consists of Trojan’s Payload, which gets encrypted in your phone’s files. The prime task of this is to breach the security of your device and retrieve all your private information such as the Android ID, manufactures, version, etc. Subsequently, other payloads are installed in the device to strengthen the infection. Now even if you delete the app, it will reinstall itself every time.

    Further, some destructive files are stored sequentially in the app, which is inaccessible to other programs. Android versions 6 and 7 from Chinese Manufacturers are most vulnerable to be targeted by this malware. Files from the bin folder get attached to the file, and thus, deleting the malware becomes almost impossible.

    Above all, the Trojan also gives passage to several more evil programs and deletes root-access control apps inside your device. In short, the malware blocks you from all the possible ways to have the sole control on your phone.

    What is the Remedy for this?

    Although getting rid of the malware seems to be not happening much easily, there are still some ways you can do so.

    Reports from Kaspersky suggest that reflashing the phone might be helpful. Moreover, if your phone is set in a Recovery mode, then you can try to get the file from the original firmware to have it replaced with the infected one.

    Using a different firmware will also be helpful, but it comes with other problems such as malfunctioning of other components of your device.

    We recommend you to stay safe from all such threats and evils of the cyber-world and always be cautious of which app you install or which site you use.



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