Why “OreGairu Season 3” Is Not On Air When It’s Scheduled?? What’s The New Release Date, Cast, Plot!!


    OreGairu is an anime adaptation of Japanese light novel series of the same name. This series is also known as My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.

    OreGairu has completed its two seasons and is in the third season. The first season of this series was aired in April 2013, and after two years of gap, this series came up with its another season in April 2015. Both the season consist of 13 episodes, respectively.

    As far as the success of the two previous seasons is concerned, the first season was not so good. But, this series showed a much better improvement in the second season and gave better content for the viewers. This success of the second season, made the makers come up with its third season. Here are more details about Season 3.

    Why "OreGairu Season 3" Is Not On Air When It's Scheduled?? What's The New Release Date, Cast, Plot!!

    Release date

    The release date for season 3 is initially set for April 10, 2020. But, now the release date is postponed, and the reason for the delay is the pandemic situation in the world. The whole world is fighting with COVID-19, and the filming industry also gets affected by it. Like the other series, this series also gets affected due to the outbreak of this pandemic.

    Now, the release date for OreGairu Season 3 is not yet released. We will keep you updated with this whenever we will receive the update.

    The Cast For Season 3Why "OreGairu Season 3" Is Not On Air When It's Scheduled?? What's The New Release Date, Cast, Plot!!

    There is no confirmation for the cast of Season 3, but we can expect Takuya Eguchi, Saori Hayami, Nao Tōyama, Ayane Sakura to return for the third season.

    Plot For Season 3

    The story will continue from where season 2 ends. The problem of High School Prom will be faced by the people of the volunteer club. We can expect the romance aspect of these problems.

    Stay with us for more updates.


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