Smartwatch: Features, Types, Uses and all you need to know about the latest Technology!


    What is a smartwatch? A simple question has a long answer. It is a gadget which made our life easier, a small computer on our wrist which can do anything on our one command like our smartphones and laptops or tablets.

    This can do anything – open new tabs, open applications, have a touch screen, calculate, call logs, play games, get connected with your smartphones or computers, and even you can play FM. In short, you have a small set to play everything.

    But the internal features varies some use electronic visual display or some use LCD or OLED, the material they use may also vary. Different types of things are used to make it more effective and battery saver.

    Many software is also included in them like GPS or mini microphone or speaker, digital maps, schedulers, wireless handsets, and can also sensor internal and external data. In short, we can say they are small computers.

    Unexpected  Smartwatch Features

    You can answer voice messages also like if you get any message, you can respond any time the microphone and speaker are inbuilt.

    Most of the features smartwatch contains are already mentioned above, but what is more interesting is they are multi-tasker. If your iPods are connected with your iPhone, you can increase or decrease the volume by your smartwatch also.

    Smartwatch Types

    There are basically two types of smartwatches one is which depends on the phone, they will imitate around every feature of your mobile, and even some have less battery life, you can do in your watch, which you wanted to do on your laptop or computer. This is seen in the Apple watch.

    The second type is more fitness watch, which has more fitness features and tracks everything you do like your steps. They have duel behavior, as phone dependent or manual set like a Fitbit.

    More About Smartwatch

    Hiking watches, they are more specific in GPS tracking or maps, battery life, basic vitals, weather forecast. They are built to handle scratch, dust, wind, water, etc.  This is seen in Tom-tom adventure. There are also diving watches. They are also featured to deal with water, storms, temperature, battery life, etc.





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