So, Here’s what everything you need to know about How to get away with Murder Season 7. From the latest gossips to the cast everything is here!!


    Everyone loves crime thriller series, which bind you till the last moment and make you watch everything again and again. The detailed procedure of finding clues on a particular death case is somehow interested in people.

    So, let’s talk about one of these most famous series, and that is “How To Get Away with Murder.” ABC has been able to make quite a fortune from these series, and without a doubt, the seven seasons and an Emmy has proven the fact that this series is by far, one of the best series.

    So, let’s talk about the 7th season. First, people, you need to hear it that this season is going to be the very last. So, prepare yourself for that, but we have the release date and i.e., 2nd April 2020.

    After making quite a fortune for ABC, the series went directly to Netflix, who later gain all the rights of the series.

    The story revolves around Annalise Keating, played by Viola Davis, who is by profession, a criminal lawyer who has some pupils under her guidance who somehow gets entrapped with some serious criminal charges, which could be mean a whole another level of rupture on their careers.

    So, as their mentor, she does everything within her reach to make sure that she will be able to save her pupils from the whole scenario.

    Cast and trailer of How to get away with Murder Season 7

    The cast of the series is going to be the same, and as a matter of fact, we are going to see all of them together for the last time, but still, it’s a lot to ask from.

    The trailer which we are expecting any time soon is still not here but no need to worry as that’s the kind of suspension Netflix love to leave some for its audience.

    The plot is getting quite complicated as Bonnie’s Son has something to disclose about himself. So, it’s pretty sure that the whole thing is going to be pretty awesome. So, let’s wait for the time being.


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