Sony Giving Free Games? COVID-19 Relief Fund For Indie Studios and more updates!


    We all know Sony is a big Japanese company. If we talked about PlayStation exclusive game, then Sony has provided many games free to its gamers. But in a pandemic situation, many games company is struggling due to lockdown and salary problem.

    So Sony has taken many steps to relieve its fans and company. Sony is providing two famous games of Naughty Dogs ”Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey” ps4, which is available from April 15 at 8 p.m until May 5.

    COVID-19 Relief Fund

    Sony is also supporting in finance terms as a $10 million to its independent Game developers, it is promised by Playstation president Jim Ryan. According to sources, Independent developers are the heart and soul of the gaming industry. In China and Germany, sony is providing Knack 2 instead of Uncharted collection.

    Sony's PS4 sells 100 Million Units Quicker than any other Gaming Console

    Nowadays, many video game industry is providing stay at home campaigns, which is operated by W.H.O. and U.K..K. govt. The company who are donating charity funds like Bethesda, Bungie, C.C.P..C.P. games, and CD projects.

    It will be very beneficial to all gaming company and gamers who is struggling to pay the salary to its employee. Many game lovers are living at home, and they are getting bored because they can’t purchase any game due to logistic problems.

    All About The Games

    So sony is providing a game online, but due to the large size of the game file, there will be a huge amount of data consumption. So sony is implementing some plan on how to compress it so that viewers can enjoy the game. The uncharted is a very great series on ps3 and ps4. In this game, you can find stealth, action, fight, drama, and also high graphics. But there is one game of naughty dogs which is coming on July 19, The last of us2.













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