The new iPhone Se is more reliable than we thought! Know about the price, features and the latest detail


    iPhone recently launched it’s second-generation iPhone SE 2020 series on April 15, prior to its first generation that was launched back in 2016. The first generation Se series was somewhat not appreciated by fans, and there was a lot of discontents. But the 2020 SE model is receiving a lot of positive feedback from fans and gadget reviewers. Let’s know what makes this iPhone SE 2020 series so special.

    The 2020 iPhone SE series says, ” Lots to love.”Less to spend.” If you visit the official iPhone website, this is the words you will see. By this, it is clearly understandable. That the first and foremost thing that Apple has provided us is with an affordable price range. So what is the price for iPhone SE? The iPhone SE 2020 starts from 42,500 INR or $399. But still, if you are one of those who think the price is still not up to the mark, then you gotta check out the latest upgrades and features.

    iPhone SE 2020 Features and Major Upgrades first things first, we discussed the price, which is the most important factor for all of us. Now let’s jump in and discuss its features.

    iPhone SE 2020 Display 

    In the previous iPhone SE, we had a Retina Display of only 4″. Quite small !!, right? But now Apple has upgraded not only it’s displayed to 4. 7″ further, but they are also providing us with Retina HD Display and with sensitive IPS touchscreen.

    This iPhone is compact and reliable. Unlike iPhone 11 series that is too big and previous iPhones. This new series provides us a standard shape and size, which is elegant and sophisticated.

    iPhone SE 2020 CPU

    The 2020 iPhone SE is providing us with A13 Bionic, which is used in iPhone 11 ser. Up to 2.4x faster CPU and up to 4x faster graphic processing unit than A9. Which means no disturbance while playing games and launching multiple apps.

    iPhone SE 2020 Camera 

    If you are an aesthetic person and like to click pictures, then this model of the iPhone is reliable. It is providing us with a 12MP rear camera and 7MP front camera. Also, it has six different camera effects to choose from, blur unwanted background with just a single slide. Be aesthetically appealing with just one click!

    Enjoy a high definition of 4k videos with a resolution of 1334×750 pixels at 326 PPI.

    Other specifications (battery life, design, and storage) 

    Battery backup is not that pleasing, but it did receive an upgrade. It is providing 1,821 mAh battery, which is a bit more than it’s previous iPhone SE that is 1624 mAh. In short, it provides a 13 hours battery life. Further, it is providing wireless charging. But at the same time, it can be charged by the USB charging cable. Apple is also providing wired AirPods, which is great.

    The design of the iPhone SE 2020 has some resemblance from iPhone 8 when it comes to dimensions. Both provide us with 5.45×2 65×0.29 inches. The phone has an aerospace-grade aluminum with a durable glass design. It is a water resident up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. You have options when it comes to choosing colors. It is available in black, white and red.

    Moreover, it is providing us with dual sim slots and Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 connectivity. The internal storage provided by it 256 GB and RAM is 3GB. By all these, we can say that Apple has made major improvements except its battery life.






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