World Trigger Season 2 confirmed! Latest updates on Release Date, Plot, and much more!


    Anime adaptations of manga are one of the best contents ever made. Although Many come and go, only a few are able to leave an impression. One such series is World Trigger.

    World Trigger anime adaptation of the popular manga of the very same name released in October of 2014. Whereas, the English dub version of the anime ultimately came out in 2017. The popularity of the anime went off the charts in the very first season. However, The series couldn’t produce a season 2 for the show simultaneously with the end of the season owing to poor health of manga creator Daisuke Ashihara.

    Now, The Jump Festa 2020 recently announced the second season of the show – World Trigger – will be here! Yes, that is indeed exciting!

    World Trigger Season 2 Plot

    The anime showcases a world where Monsters named Neighbors Open a gate to the city of Mikado. The sudden emergence of the Neighbors, intimidate the humans but invite the mysterious organization known as Border. Feuds between the two become a common occasion.

    After that, A certain amount of time later, Kuga, a strong humanoid Neighbor, joins the school in Mikado. He meets a secret C-class Border trainee named Mikumo. Discovering Kugo’s true identity, Mikumo takes a pledge to protect his friend.

    As a result, Season 2 might show more adventures between the two friends.

    Currently, we don’t have any word from the show makers regarding the release date of the second season. But the series is expected to go live at the end of 2020 or in early 2021.

    World Trigger Season 2 Trailer

    Yes! There is a trailer for the series on the web.

    Check it out!

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