Curse of the Divine: The Sequel to 2020’s YA Fantasy Novel Ink in the Blood is Finally in Production! Release Date, Story, Price and a Lot More!


    Three months ago, in February 2020, readers around the world got to read a stem-winding Young-Adult fiction novel Ink in the Blood by the American debutante novelist Kim Smejkal. The audience welcomed the gripping and stirring storyline of the book with open arms.

    Based on the story of a girl named Celia trapped inside a sectarian fantasy world with her best friend Anya, the point on which the book concluded, shook the readers to their core. Since then, people have shown deep inquisitiveness to know the story ahead. So will there be a sequel to this book?

    The answer is, YES!

    Curse of the Divine Release Date: The Sequel of Ink in the Blood

    In January 2019, when the creator of the series Kim Smejkal officially announced the release date of Ink in the Blood, she also said that she was in the middle of the draft of its sequel. Therefore the next installment was always in the picture. Even before the release of the first book, she kept us updated about the release of its sequel through her social media handles.

    Now that the first book has come out and is being loved globally, we can expect the next one by early 2021. HMH Books, the publishers of Ink in the Blood, will again be the publishing in-charge of this upcoming novel. Retrieved information from the official website of HMH Books says that the book will make its first appearance on February 9, 2021, and will be 448 pages long.

    You can already pre-order your own e-book of Curse of the Divine from the official website of the publishers and other online shopping sites such as Amazon and Apple Books just for $9.99. Hardcover, Paperback, and other editions will also be available soon.

    What to Expect from the Curse of the Divine?


    In the last book, we read the story of two young girls, Celia and Anya, working to popularize the ideologies of the Divine, an ecclesiastical deity in the fantasy world Profeta who paves the way to heaven. But after being under the Divine’s command for ten years, the girls realize that the Divine is rather a malicious power-hungry entity Diavala who snatches everyone’s freedom away using the tattoos and runes created by the ultimate Magic Ink.

    Celia and Anya then try to sneak out of that wretched place by which leads to a thrilling fight between Celia and Diavala, with the latter ending up dead. However, Celia sadly loses her best friend during this process. Now all she is left with is Griffin, a plague doctor whom Celia falls in love with during her journey and cannot afford to lose.

    But Davila did not exactly die! She is now back with a greater force to defeat Celia and her friends, and the only person able to destroy Diavala is the devil Haylcon Ronnie himself. The sequel will thus give answers to the questions like “Will Celia cross such limits to save Griffin and get rid of Profeta for good?” “Will she survive such a deadly fight with Diavala?” “Will she avenge the death of her best friend?”

    Smejkal also shared the opening line of Curse of the Divine a few months ago on her official Instagram account.

    Now, this is something serious, right? Kim has definitely given us one of the best YA Fantasies of all time with her exquisite writing techniques. So let’s wait until we can finally read Curse of the Divine and immerse into the magical world of Celia and Profeta once again.




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