Dying light 2 is already announced and here are some new changes by developers!! What are the expectations out of it??


    Dying light is coming up soon with its sequel, and here are all the details and updates all fans must read regarding the upcoming Video game. The previous game was highly showered with joy and excitement by all the video game lovers. On 13th August 2015, Techland: Developers announced that the game had sold more than five million units. And now again, fans are ready to show their fandom and already filed the social media with tons of comments expressing their eagerness for the Dying light 2.

    Dying light 2 is an Open world First-player zombie apocalyptic themed action role-playing game, which will be available in both the Single-player and Multi-player modes and already developed by Techland and Publishers are again Techland publishers. The upcoming sequel of Dying Light was directed by Adrian Ciszewski, Designed by Tymon Smektala and programmed by Bartosz Kulan, written by Chris Avellone, Composed by Olivier deriviere.

    Dying light two was already announced by Chris Avellone: Writer of Dying light at E3 2018. It was set to be announced in 2020. But, due to some issues, Techland announced that the Video game lovers have to control their excitement for some more time and delay is expected. Till now, no announcement had been made on the release of the DYING LIGHT 2.

     The main protagonist of the upcoming sequel of dying light two is named as Aiden Cladwenn. The sequel is coming up with various new features where players can perform many actions and possess super action skills for fighting. Some tools which are available for players are grappling hook, A paraglider, and Aid transversal. Weapons that will be featuring in the upcoming game sequel are melee weapons, Crossbows, Shotguns, and spears. Players have to deal with the zombie, and this made the game even more excited. Players are free to explore the city.

    Aren’t these features boosted up your excitement? Because I am very much eager to play this game. For the release date of Dying light, two stays tuned with us.


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