Everything you need to know about Wasteland 3 is here!! About its new features and Release date, everything!! Get to know them below!!


    Hundreds and thousands of RPGs are getting delayed just because of this one disaster, and that’s the coronavirus, and without a doubt, we almost every day give an earful to this pandemic, but then again that won’t change a thing. So, let’s talk about the latest RPG game, which has been delayed.

    What’s the buzz about Wasteland 3??

    “Wasteland 3″, This one an RPG, which is a kind of cult classic, has been delayed again by InXile Entertainment to Aug 28 of this year. Before that, it was scheduled to be released on May 19. The producers have announced that today that the game is going to be released on that date due to the pandemic.

    The producers have tweeted that ” It’s been a while since we are using companies to work with us through an environment of work from home and without a doubt, the results were pretty good but still, we need some more days to make sure to get some good and confirmed results of the development, but we need some more advancements due to this reason the game has been delayed.”

    This time the game is going to be settled in post-apocalyptic America, which is different from Wasteland 2 as that one took place in Arizona Desert. The game is going to be released on PS4 and Xbox One, including Mac, Windows, and Linux PC, with that it’s also going to be part of the Xbox Game Pass program.

    Is Wasteland 3 any better??

    The trailer of the game is out, and also with that, the music of the whole thing is something which sets your mood pretty good. The whole setup of violence and war type scenario is although expected to feel the whole gist of the game just by watching the trailer is something which deserves respect.

    So, People let’s wait for it as we don’t have any other choice than to do that.


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