FFXIV and Final Fantasy XXIV players throw in game funeral for player who passes away to COVID-19. Here’s every detail.


    There are many things going all around the world right now that will be written in pages and minds of people. We all are totally aware of the illness which is in the world and affecting millions of people. The disease called COVID-19 has affected a lot of people by getting spread all over the world and has killed thousands of people. The only thing that can save the world right now is the proper vaccine.

    These things in the world have cracked the enthusiasm and the energy of people, and that’s why they took little help from the entertainment world for the sake of mood change. The world of entertainment is also aware of the facts and the problems, and that’s why they are also doing so much too aware people and to give condolences to those who died.

    Recently a game called Final Fantastic XIV or FFXIV has done something like this; they have created down a funeral procession in the game.

    FFXIV players at the funeral.

    The Final Fantastic XXIV

    Final Fantastic XXIV is a video game of role-playing. It is a fantasy game with the support of multiplayer. This game is developed as well as published by Square in 1987. It is the first-ever game in Square’s series, which is created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. Recently in this game, a different thing which was not so common was seen. The game threw a funeral procession.

    The funeral procession in Final Fantastic XXIV

    Recently one of the members of Final Fantastic XXIV dies due to Coronavirus, whose name was Ferne Leroy, who played the role of Zalera Servant in the game. In her tribute, and not just only her but also those who died due to Coronavirus, FFXIV held a funeral where hundreds of players were dressed in black dresses like, black gown, black jacket, and holding a black umbrella for the funeral procession.

    They were going towards the main place where the funeral was happening. It happened on 11 April because they wanted to show their tribute towards Ferne Leroy. This procession last for like an hour, where players walked for quite a long time in the game. They finally send-off by the picturesque of Ferne Leroy. This procession got up to 106000 positive reactions. All players gathered at the Zalera Server, and this funeral took place in the Central Shroud area with 33 minutes of walking.

    Funeral procession for Ferne Leroy of FFXIV

    It is not like that; this is happening for the first time. Something like this had already happened in World of Warcraft for the players who passed away or were died. A little contribution like this can make people unite against the virus.


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