Google Pixel 4 has released – All about its price, specification and storage! Latest updates!


    There are many android phones but some are better than others when it comes to comfort and technology. Google Pixel 4 is an android smartphone presented by Google. In 2019 it was announced and came in the market on October 24, 2019.

    Both Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL are successful android phone. These phones are still well demanded in the market. This phone was manufactured by Foxconn. The previous phone was Pixel 3, and it also demanded and liked by many fans.

    Google Pixel 4 Specification

    In this mobile, Android 10 was the operating system. In this mobile, you can get 6 Gb ram with 64 or 128 Gb storage space. The screen size 5.7 inch and also you can get a 12.2 mp rear camera and front camera with eight mp. It was the first phone which offered sales by all wireless carriers.

    The phone is made by an aluminum frame and Gorilla Glass 5 and came in three colors black, white, orange. It also offers motion sensing with a 2800 mAh battery life. You can also use the type c USB port option with 4G support, and also it provides a dual sim facility.

    Google Pixel 4 Price and Features

    This high demanding phone is available in India at the price of Rs-78,999 for 64 GB storage space, and Rs-79,990 for 128 GB storage.

    The main feature of the pixel series is a motion control, eye unlocking system, and so on. It also offers Hdr with 2280*1080 resolution.

    According to sources, iPhone 9 is competing with google pixel 4, so the user can take a look at the above-given specification, and they can decide which android phone is preferable according to their demand and need. But we know the current situation of COVID-19, so there may be some logistic problems in supply.

    You can find Google Google Pixel 4 on Amazon at a discounted price so that you can enjoy next-generation technology.


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